In Search For My Benzathine Benzylpenicillin

As you know, I was diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Disease. Before I left Philippines, my cardiologist recommended that I should undergo prophylaxis for no less than 15 years. Ergo, I have to have my glutes administered with painful penicillin injections every 3 weeks, that is 17 times per year, or 260 shots for the entirety of it.

When I arrived here, I asked the pharmacist if they have any sort of the penicillin powder I needed. They said that all antibiotics in Malaysia require doctor’s prescription. And so, I waited for my ING Healthcare card so they will have to pay for the consultation fee. I visited a nearby clinic here, during our conversation, he sounded stupid.

Though he asked me to go to a hospital because they do not have this, he started babbling about the drug:

  • It was an unsafe drug because it might cause anaphylaxis shock.
    True, but it is not unsafe! It is regulated and approved!
  • They use safe antibiotics with no side effects like erythromycin and ampicillin.
    Please explain its contraindications especially when I took one before.
  • I needed to show documents that I was diagnosed with RHD.
    Yeah this was my fault. But he didn’t know what RHD was! I guess he just got used into clinical practice of General Medicine.
  • And he kept on pointing at his veins when he was pertaining to penicillin injections.
    FYI, doctor, it is administered intramuscular. You will die, if you do it through veins. I guess I know where ‘unsafe drug’ came from.
  • And he keeps on reading his MIMS Malaysia book.
    Aren’t you really familiar with how penicillin works?

All in all, the charge for the consultation was just 10 RM, paid against my healthcare insurance. So I asked my sister to scan all the hospital documents and I need to go to a nearby hospital soon.

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