Jan-Jan on Willing Willie

Please allow 10 minutes of your time and analyze.

It is very rare to see good Filipino shows. Worse, when you watch nightly television shows during primetime with a flashing ‘Parental Guidance’ watermarked on the upper left of the screen.

Willie Revillame is very charismatic to the commoners because he gives money. This attracts more advertisers to invest on his shows and eloquence. I have never been a fan of him since his humor is next to empty slapstick that nearly crosses the borderline of a typical gay-hosted Filipino stand up comedy skit. His program uses real emotions and put moral to give it a holistic meaning to its viewers.

But when I watched this 6-year old child dancing like a go-go male dancer in the tune of Snoop Dogg, it becomes worse. His opinions that as if the child does the dancing to earn a living for his family. The DJ kept on repeating the song and due to the child’s innocence, he just kept on dancing not knowing that what he was doing was wrong.

I could not judge how the child felt when he was dancing. But it merely depicts an epitome of like feeding your ownself with a handful of peanuts where you know that histamine may cause anaphylaxis shock.

Yes, Willie gave him 10 thousand pesos for the short entertainment Jan-Jan showed to the crowd. But can you really read between the lines? A live show where other children are watching, unguided by their parents or guardians, watching how Jan-Jan performs go-go; A live show that does not respect the sensitivity of innocence of young children doing go-go; And a live show that should set good moral to its viewers.

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