New Design: Thesis

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Last screenshot ShrinkTheWeb was captured

When I started this blog way back 2003, I didn’t realize I had to do some database maintenance until I hosted it on my own (it was hosted on Livejournal before – As the days passed, more recent posts were added, including the java scripts loaded, overflowing CSS and PHP, I noticed that it is starting to slow down. Worst, it took 15 seconds to load on a T1 connection. I had to do something!

I reverted to my old plan of using Thesis. Most WordPress designer use this because it is SEO friendly and you could do tons of stuff with it. You have to pay a nominal amount for one usage. Known to existence that I am very resourceful, I found ways how to tweak with it for free.

This was loaded yesterday but I messed up with the PHP coding. Gawd, I had to code it manually! The new design features the following:

  • More advertisements (for very obvious reasons)
  • Loads a lot faster, between 3 to 12 seconds (depending on the jscripts)
  • The teasers have image previews
  • Larger font for easier reading
  • Content Headers are in text, not in script format
  • Composes of a content column and two side bars at the right
  • Less rainbow-like colors, shifted more into minimalistic pink accents
  • Compatible to WP 3.1

Text NERD then send to 2366. Hahaha.

Thank you for reading!

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