Take The Test Project

Take the test

Take the Test

Charm rarely posts stuff on her Facebook wall. Earlier, while I was very non-productive at work, her posted link struck me!

The group’s aim is to provide adequate information on HIV and AIDS and make HIV testing more accessible to everyone; awareness campaign on HIV, FREE HIV Antibody Testing, pre-test and post-test HIV counseling (one-on-one), effective referral and follow-up. This increasing the awareness of the community that there are people roaming around carrying HIV without their knowledge. Likewise, Prevention is better than Cure!.

Also, this initiative serves an eye-opener to self-proclaimed bigots who pathetically passed an ordinance of getting a doctor’s prescription before you acquire a condom. An FYI to our fellow Catholics that Science research on increasing population of HIV and AIDS does not demoralize your whole-being of believing in God.

I remember that I had my HIV test before I went to Malaysia as OWWA/POEA requirement before you work as an OFW here. Proudly, I have taken the test!

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Bringing HIV Testing Closer to the Community

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