Proper Foot Measurement for a Healthier Feet

Don’t you just dare buy your new pair of rubber shoes – make sure your feet are measured thoroughly first!

Shen Xiaojing Feet

Shen Xiaojing Feet

According to study and reports, it show that the footwear we put on everyday have a substantial impact on the weight on our knee joints which will definitely impair your quality of living as you move forward. A very minute abnormality on your foot function will have great impact not just on your knee joints, but it will cause discomfort and pain, too.

It is essential to ensure that children grow with a healthy pair of feet to further avoid foot abnormalities such as being flatfooted and having rear foot valgus (this is a condition in which the foot rear is curve outwards at the joint of the ankle). Good thing that these abnormalities take cumulative effects from years of age and how you use them.

Also, women are more prone to foot problems because they wear high-heels and some of the footwear have a point-toe design.

The insoles stands as the stage in proper state while walking, running or doing your daily activities, even just standing; controlling flatfoot deformities and minimizing the complications that may come with it. Some accessories are put inside the soles of your shoes such as polyether gel, this absorbs the shock most especially on your heels.

So apart from buying the ready-to-wear ones, make sure that you get the right size and insole design for your foot proportions and arch.

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