To Juice or Not To Juice?

Orange Juice

Orange Juice

As you know I am a fan of vegetables and fruit juices. Cooking on your own gives you more flexibility of choosing the healthier ingredient for your next lunch or supper. But sometimes it is harder to get the ingredients you wanted when you are limited to a nearby small market. Unless you wanted to stock the fridge with green, yellow and red stuff; though it has to be consumed immediately. So I put myself forth to vegetable and fruit juices on tetra packs.

I know for a fact that these juices on packs contain high amount of sugars which left unburned, are converted into fat. I do not mind intaking sugar especially after I wake up because I know that I would be needing the sugar rush when I do my rounds at the gym. But for people who have a more sedentary lifestyle, these juices could add up more pounds than you would ever think!

Juices are generally healthy. It contains a supple amount of antioxidants and vitamins to nourish your body. So technically, juices in tetra packs or bottles are not part of a strict healthy eating plan unless you are squeezing it directly from your food processor or squeezer.

[color_box title=”The label shows organic, natural, 100% juice with no sugar added!” variation=”glossy_black”]
Even juices that are labelled organic and natural are not really natural because they already contain preservatives. Again, read the nutrition content, above 15 gms of sugar per serving is already considered high.


I have not discussed the comparison of the instant powderized fruit juices, yet because it is way too artificial compared to the two classifications of freshly squeezed juice and the ready-to-drink ones.

[color_box title=”Fruits also contain sugar, right?” variation=”glossy_black”]
Indeed, that is why mostly fruits are sweet. But complexity of sugar content differs. The sugar that you would find in fruits is fructose. This is a more simple form of sugar compared to those in ready-to-drink packs or bottles.


Buy a quality juicer and make your own juice at home. A cup of mixed fruits with vegetable can be converted into a glass of healthy drink. Mix it with another part of water if you want it less sweeter or contentrated. This is a great option without having to numb and chump vegetables and fruits if you can’t incorporate it with your lunch for the day. Also, consider drinking it right after squeezing because natural light damages the nutrition. Putting it inside the fridge decreases 20% of its nutrition content due to oxidation.


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