26th Birthday

I was thinking to set this post automatically be posted the time I was born according to my birth certificate, but nah! Too much drama

Living in a foreign land where you barely know someone makes you feel isolated especially during your most special occasion in your life. I was just blessed that I have tons of Filipinos friends here which suffices enough the homesickness whenever I wanted to jump right out of the South China Sea and swim back to Manila.

Nothing has been planned today except that I have to work on my ticket scrubbing because I have to present a grandeur report on Friday to the management team. Also, recently I have been receiving numerous projects on oDesk which really keeps my schedule packed. Blessing in disguise, I suppose? Proceeds from this part time pay off the gym dues and supplements I wanted and needed monthly.

26th Birthday Cake

26th Birthday Cake

My housemates gave me a present. Maybe they know how much I like cheesecake but I think this one is an oreo chocolate ice cream cake. Nevertheless, it is sweet (the cake and the thought :D) I guess living with a bunch of women could make you outburst with estrogen flowing emotions when I saw a glimpse of the cake box inside the fridge.

Anyway. I should get back to my part-time work and I still have to wake up early so I could go to the gym.

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