Birthday Cakes

OK, I am officially twenty-six. As what I have mentioned, I had nothing grandeur planned for my birthday. I followed my usual routine, wake up before 5PM, have a quick bite, go to the shower, brush my teeth, rush to the gym then head to work. But last night it was different.

Custard Cake From Anita

Custard Cake From Anita

It paid off to diverse the usual thighs and legs, and shoulder workout last night because some of my newly found friends at Fitness First Menara Axis gave me a surprise. I remember that Anita mentioned before that her name was called on the PA announcing it was her birthday. And I think she did that to me, too! They brought a cake, cute cupcakes and chocolates. All sweet stuff! I would not say how many calories I have eaten while I was at the gym, LOL.

Custard Cake From Vange

Custard Cake From Vange

Then at work, Vange gave me the same cake which I received from the gym. I bought some pizzas and share it with the my colleagues.

This post could not be anymore personal. It is touching to actually receive even the simplest sweet cravings during your milestone in life. And it is very flattering that Anita and Vange, the two girls whom initiated and extended their friendship first on my first step in Malaysia were the ladies who gave me these sweet cakes. For my friends whom shared dinner with me and greeted my on my birthday. And also, to my online friends who practically saved a lot by just greeting me on all social networks I am subscribed, rather than sending me greeting cards, I really appreciate the thought.

Ergo, I should move on. I am past-thru the quarter life of my supposedly assuming century-life span and I should get some sleep.

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4 thoughts on “Birthday Cakes

  1. Farah says:

    It happens to be the same exact cake is it ? What a coincidence 😛
    By the way, Happy Birthday Adrian ! I hope you enjoy your birthday since you’re in foreign land. Hehe


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