Alfie's Home: Most Disturbing Children's Book

Hello mothers,

Please be careful in picking children’s book for your kids. Some authors, like Richard Cohen, are very pronounced with liberalism that they forget that children need strong family-oriented values before you expose them to the real world.

I know it is somewhat hypocritical yet these minds are too young to be influenced with what’s currently happening. On the other hand, I admire the author and publisher as to coming up with a book that reflects with what happens in real life.

What happened to the red fish, blue fish and yellow fish? Or the three Indians? Or the long-braided maiden hair?

5 thoughts on “Alfie's Home: Most Disturbing Children's Book

  1. That book is really disturbing. I wouldn’t advise my nephews/nieces to read that book. Seriously.. ;(

    Although like you, I admired how the author tried to come up with a story that reflects our society nowadays. Still, I wouldn’t let my nephews/nieces to read that book. Lol.


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