Balut: Taboo

Balut on Rice

Balut on Rice

I was bored last Saturday and I couldn’t find a decent Filipino channel showing their normal TV line up because it was Black Saturday. I have tons of downloaded movies but I prefer to watch the National Geogrpahics Kids streaming.

I came across one long list of world taboo; from slicing their skin like the alligator pattern to show masculinity, eating live octopus to enhance your toughness in Kendo, having multiple wives living in one home and others. Until I came across one video that features the Philippines.

Foreigners find it very weird. Sometimes I find it weird, too. But I just like the taste. Margarita Holmes, a very popular psychologist in the Philippines explains about the aphrodisiac effect of the unborn duck fetus as she specializes in sex therapy.

Balut is best eaten during the night from the warm woven rattan basket covered in styrofoam or used newpapers sold by the vendors by the street. Sprinkle it with a pinch of salt and spiced vinegar soaked with chilli peppers, garlic and onions.

4 thoughts on “Balut: Taboo

  1. balut is the best! but limit it to 1-2 only, it can cause high blood lol

    my worst experience was that when I opened the balut, the “sisiw” or duck fetus had already grown some thick black feathers hahaha


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