Malaysian Bloggers Conference And Terengganu

Sunday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak of Malaysia spearheaded the First Malaysian Bloggers Conference entitled, Blogging Mindfully and Responsibly. This uplifted my democracy spirit while I was reading the morning papers while I was at the gym taking a sip of coffee after a mild hangover from last night’s birthday.

Democracy and freedom of expression is starting to touch base within the liberal culturalism of Malaysian. The Prime Ministered promised that the Malaysian government will not censor the internet but has pointed out that bloggers should write responsibly.

The Government will accept constructive criticism and allow freedom of speech on blogs but we must draw the line at lies. – PM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak

Like what with Wikileaks recently that the freedom of expression was totally abused. This is where the authority would be taking place.

In line with this blog post, at the state of Terengganu, sixty-six locals were sent to anti-gay counselling for showing signs of effeminate mannerisms. Education official Razali Daud says the boys reported Monday for what is officially being called a self-development course.

Terengganu state is known for its is religious conservatism.

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So did I write responsibly?

One thought on “Malaysian Bloggers Conference And Terengganu

  1. Terengganu di perintah cina, walaupun Sultan Mirzan, hanyalah boneka. Tanyalah mana mana syarikat atau individu yang pernah buat kerja di terengganu. Sultan Mirzan hanya mendengar satu pihak. Sanggup matikan bumiputra dan ikut telunjok cina hanya kerana ekonomi. Sayang nya terengganu sistem pengawalan akan memajukan cina dan bukannya bumiputra. Ikhlas, bumiputra.


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