Chinese Men Effeminacy

I once met an Indian gay guy who is from India. Though he is not practicing medicine anymore, as he is an ENT specialist, he is working with a pharmaceutical company and conducts training worldwide. During one of our discussions via SMS, he mentioned that he doesn’t like going to Frangipani.

[toggle_framed title=”Here’s the verbatim:”]
Doctor: Oh u wanna go clubbing? Its only mp today. No frangi. (MP = Market Place)
Me: Wooow. U know the sked. But thats the original plan right?
Doctor: Hmmm.. Honestly-i dont go to either places- bcos its full of ugly chinese guys with bad attitiude! I go to blueboi or laqueen on sat n fri respectively

I was shocked when I read about this. I even questioned the ideology of 1 Malaysia on Facebook, and I received some pretty interesting replies.

While I was at the gym sipping my pre-workout caffeine fix, I noticed that the more obvious flaunty gay guys who are buffed really look like girls. I mean, I know that Filipino gay guys do, too. But here, it is more obvious. And you would be surprised with the ratio of top : versa : bottom among the commoners. Though local Indians and Malays look more masculine, on the other hand.

Earlier, one picture of a Taiwanese boy band confirmed this theory. It was Lollipop F’s performance on the Asian Music Festival. I just don’t get why a lot of women go gaga over these boys who like girls? Hello? Justin Bieber?

I do not intent to be such a racist on this post, because I am not. This is just a mere observation on how God overflowed effeminacy on Chinese people (even the straight men) – the fair skin, the thin and shiny hair, lesser body hair, different scent of pheromones and other physical characteristics that astound them from other races that have masculine features.

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