Tarot Card Reading

The Fool

A friend mentioned that she is interested in tarot card reading. I remember that I tried doing it when I was still in college. Not just because I was very curious what it offers, but also, I believe I had some intuition that I needed to do it.

I once had a dream of The Fool. This is the first card from the Major Arcana which holds the number 0. Usually it represents adventure, beginnings and knowing almost nothing. After a few days, I couldn’t get rid of the dream so I went to a nearby bookstore to find some books. I bought some and had my first deck which was a vampire theme.

I didn’t feel comfortable after buying two more until I came across the original Rider-Waite deck. This is very clear to understand without the gory images of vampires, flirtatious dancing of fairies and such. I learned how to take care of it by putting it in a violet velvet cloth and perform cleansing through reading and some friends online who practice reading the cards.

And the day I bought the deck, a Starbucks barista approached me at Katipunan and asked me if I was a wiccan. I didn’t have any idea how he knew I was starting to learn and be closer to my deck without me, pulling out the cards on the table from my bag. He said that he just saw me from afar like he was when he was first starting to learn reading tarot cards. *goosebumps*

Then, Mike asked me some questions about his future. We were a bunch of silly college friends who stayed in my rooftop way back. Mike was and old friend who died in a drowning accident 7 days after I interpreted his cards. We went to Bolinao, Pangasinan.

I chose the horseshoe spread because his questions required more specific answers about his future, finding an immediate girlfriend. And so, the usual cleansing and prayers were performed. During the interpretation, though I could not remember the exact cards and positioning anymore, I couldn’t read what cards #3, 4 and 7 were telling to me. It was very blurry.

Last picture of Mike

And so, after a week, we went to Bolinao with almost all the Student Council staff. In less than 30 minutes, more than a dozen of my friends were wiped by the furious waves. The rest has survived except Mike. We recovered his body, bloated in salt water after three days.

The dreams of holding the deck still visits me from time to time. But knowing the fact, that I felt like I was responsible for his death, pushes me aback from holding the cards again. 😦


Also, while I was browsing some old pictures, I saw one of his taken inside my room. A very odd pattern is tinted on my wall above his head. You decide who it is.

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