Weight Loss Through Sweating

Sweating so hard to lose weight? Think again!

[toggle title=”Myth and Truth”]
Myth: Sauna, sauna suits and other stuff to make you sweat more promise to “sweat off the pounds”.

Truth: You lose weight because sweating loses your water inside your body.
As soon as you drink water and intake food with sodium again, the water retention comes back.[/toggle]

In MMA and other boxing competition, they wear these suits or plastic bags so they can join a specific weight class without being penalized because they did not fit in well on a specific weight requirement.

Too much perspiration or sweating while working out may lead to dehydration. You need to replenish yourself with enough liquids and electrolytes to keep you on going.

Again, these products just induce sweating, making your body temperature rise and may lead to dehydration if you do not drink well.

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