Weight Loss vs Fat Loss

Below is the replica of muscle and fat tissue weighing at 5 lbs each. Significantly, the muscle is denser yet smaller compared to the water that fat tissue contains.

That’s why BMI (Body Mass Index) is not really the absolute foundation of physical well-being. I am not saying it is wrong, though. It has scientific proof that you need to be on normal because this usually works on normal individuals who don’t really do hardcore training.

Considering you gain 5 pounds of muscle and lost 5 pounds of fat, when you step on the weighing scale, there would be no difference. But when you look yourself at the mirror, you see some slight change with your abdomen area or your arms. That extra 5 pounds of muscle gained would raise the number of calories you would burn because more muscle tissue, means more tissues to burn calories (I know it sounds pathetic on how I constructed the sentence).

What I am just saying is that body weight is not always the most important in measuring your progress. There’s the usual tape measuring, body fat percentage computation, endurance training score card and others.

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