Requiem In Odio

By the time I shifted everything to this new platform, I said to myself that I would minimize my personal feelings whenever I post. It would be something very clear to my niche that I personally experienced or something I feel like writing about. But when I saw my home page, I saw this:

Are you supposed to write what you’ve done for the day or how you felt during the day? Online blogging, eh?

Reason online blogging is kept publicly by default is because the internet is not owned by anyone, especially if you do not moderate the content and discussion.

I recently commented on a free blogging platform in which his niche is plain rant. In the midst of stumble, I was thinking if I would create a long bitchy discussion. But then again, I have put myself noteworthy of humility. I have no intentions of deleting what I responded but in spite of the tedious nonchalance, I will not onslaught your name neither be apologetic.

Pure kindness was shown, reason he contacted and asked for your comfort when he was lost somewhere. I guess, for old time’s sake? People can manage their finances well that they can pay for their basic necessities and leisure; a number of points of view which were unclear to all parties because everything was based on assumption.

[fancy_box]It’s easier to preach than to practice.[/fancy_box]

I just don’t understand why such hatred?

A few bloggers asked me not to write emotionally because they believe that emotions affect the passion – thus proves again with one blog post I read somewhere. *Clicks on the former paragraph*

Seriously, this is the most emotionless personal blog post I’ve ever written – built in parallelisms and technical incompetence of the language.