Pinkdot SG 2011

Last weekend, Alex and I travelled to Singapore to witness this event. With only a few SG$ on hand and aspiration in our pockets, we wanted to experience how Singaporeans express their love, the freedom to choose whom they wanted to love.

I was very eager to go because I do not have any chance of attending Manila’s White Party this coming weekend in Malate. I was wondering why the sudden urge to join such events? It came to a point that I should start learning how to combat apathy, because it kills.

I met some few good friends. Raven, JJ and Peter. The event organizers estimated that there were around 7,500 people who were at Hong Lim Park. Funny it could be because by the time we needed to leave the circumference, we were already blocked by people who wanted to form the dot. At 6:15 PM on June 18, 2011, free people who were in pink waved their hands and whatever pink stuff they had, wooing for their expression to love.

Let us see if this is still feasible next year!

[info_box]To view my complete set and download hi-resolution pictures, go to[/info_box]

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