Ladda Land ลัดดาแลนด์ Movie Review

Title: Ladda Land
In Thai: ลัดดาแลนด์
Year: 2011
Director: Sophon Sakdapisit โสภณ ศักดาพิศิษฏ์
Actor: Kong Saharat Sangkapreecha ก้อง สหรัถ สังคปรีชา and Pok Piyatida Woramusik ป๊อก ปิยธิดา วรมุสิก
Duration: 90 minutes
Genre: Horror
Rating: 18+

Ladda Land Motion Poster


The movie setting is a suburban developed subdivision in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The family moved from Bangkok after Thee (Kong Saharat Sangkapreecha ก้อง สหรัถ สังคปรีชา) bought a new house. He wanted to prove worthy of upbringing the family alone against the disgust of a typical mother-in-law. In contrary, the eldest daughter, Nan (Pan Pan Sutatta Udomsin ปันปัน สุทัตตา อุดมศิลป์)), who was raised by the mother-in-law was against of this because she had to leave the rest of her world behind.

One day while Pam (Pok Piyatida Woramusik ป๊อก ปิยธิดา วรมุสิก), the wife was walking with her youngest son, Nat (Kobkab Atipit Chutiwatkajornchai ก๊อบแก๊บ อธิพิชญ์ ชุติวัฒน์ขจรชัย), home, they saw a number of people and policemen in a nearby neighborhood. A Burmese maid was murdered and stuffed inside the fridge. This started the mass hysteria around the villagers.


As the movie progresses, the family who resides just beside the main house has their own secrets. The man violently hits his wife and his son who constantly plays with Nat. His disabled mother lives with them who holds a bell bracelet that calls the attention of a domestic black cat that wears a remote camera around its neck.

Mr. Kiat, who got frustrated with his bankcruptcy led to mass murdering the rest of the household making the neighborhood creepier.

Despite these events, Thee does not want to leave the house because he already invested a supple amount for the house. Without a job, as his previous job suddenly closed, he stayed firm by working in a convenience store while struggling how to discipline his own daughter’s rebellious act.

Treatment and Structure

The progress of the story line is very detailed which affected the length of the movie. It became dragging to see its minutest details. It could have been better by adding more sub-stories which could have added more flavor to it.

Turns and Twist

Thai horror movies never disappoint you with its turns and twist. You would be surprised and kept you hanging until the last 15 minutes what could have been done or what should have been the end, based on your judgement. Psychological incapacity that shows weakness against Asian ghost may lead to something very tragic to living people. In which, this is one of the best horror movies where it showed strength in killing people without the ghosts free of guilt.


As the movie reaches its climax, more night shots are used. The village turns into a creepier place, leaving the streets astray compared to where it started – full of people living peacefully in the neighborhood.

I appreciate the effort of using a body-mounted camera that shows facial expression of the actors while running although it was not in good format in which they used a cheap and portable one, affecting the totality of mount of lens used throughout the movie.

No popular music was used and most of the effects are the typical horror sound effects. A nice hip song could have been added as this involves a female teenager who plays around with her friends at night. This is what American thrillers are good at.

The editing was good as it showed artistic points without affecting much the length of the story. I like how the screenplay involved the building of the swing which acted as the father’s foundation of taking care of the family bonding them together.

A rating of 8/10 is plausible for Ladda Land. This movie is an A+ grade Thai horror film.

Oh! Did I mention that Thee has a great resemblance of Hayden Kho?



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