Unbricked iPhone 3G

I have been using my old iPhone 3G for almost two years. By the time I arrived here in Malaysia, I already had my HTC Desire HD and my iPhone 3G as my roaming phone. It was very slow running on iOS 4.x and it was jailbroken. Until it came to a point that I wanted to reformat everything and downgrade the baseband to iOS 3.x. It was a major mistake! I chose “Erase All Content and Settings” on the phone which bricked it.

It was stuck on an Apple logo loop restart until the Yellow Screen of Death showed. I googled it and turned out that the yellow thing was because it didnt have enough power. But still, I couldn’t get my iPhone to DFU mode because the home and lock keys were almost broken. Bad luck, huh?

After 3 months of being stuck doing nothing there, even after I bought a cheap phone for my roaming SIM, I finally tried to put the iPhone into DFU mode again. With the use of a 20 sen coin and the buckle of my belt, I waited the right moment (during the boot up process), even before the iPhone restarts again into another loop – I finally managed to put it into DFU mode!

At last! I heard the USB recognized sound alert from my computer! At this moment, I am currently downloading iOS 4.2. I am expecting that by the time it is done, I will be able to restore the erased iOS and upgrade it to the current one. Wish me luck!

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