Barefoot Running

I am not a fan of running but I tend to shift into this exercise before my heavy workout routine. It is free and it really warms you up. I would want to go on outdoor running as well sometimes.

Some of my friends enjoy running. They even attend whichever running marathon available.

Good thing I do not have flat sole (flat-footed) that’s why it is not really painful for me whenever I run even in high gradients, in 6 KPH speed for 15 minutes in rubber soles. But for the others who still have the primitive sole, where almost 90% of the skin below touch the ground, they find it hard to run longer than the rest.

People who have been advocates of barefoot running find more ease when they do this exercise. Not just because they’re following the natural flow and ergonomics of the human curves, but also, this produces less strikes on the lower limb. This is in comparison when you wear the typical running or cross-training shoes where you land your heels first on the ground that produces shocks to the ligaments of your lower limbs.

Below is an visual representation of the foot and lower leg anatomy and how barefoot running can make your exercise easier.

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