Drinking Alcohol Can Make Your Life Live Longer

Your grandmother has been telling you that alcohol is bad for your health. You can’t even drink it if you’re a Muslim!

It is true that drinking then, driving is bad. But drinking alcohol at a minimal level each week can make your life live longer.

In a five-year research, lifetime alcohol abstainers were 19% more likely not to exist on earth compared to regular alcohol drinkers. These are not the heavy ones, but at a max of three servings per week. This is according to Virginia Tech University researchers.

For those people who never drank alcohol were roughly 56% more likely to experience heart failures such as coronary heart disease than regular drinkers. The sample survey came from nearly half a million Americans.

But why are we told it is bad for us?

Barmaid Beer

Half a dozen of gallon of beer per week is bad, super bad. Side note, that energy drinks and alcohol could never be mixed, too.

The same study performed by Virginia Tech that more than three servings or more a week is even worse for you than abstaining.

So what does alcohol contain – besides making you sound like Elvis Presley at karaoke?

Other research has shown that drinking alcohol can minimally raise your HDL (the good cholesterol) and lower the LDL (the bad cholesterol). Also, this reduces blood problems that may result to clogged arteries.

So grab a bottle of healthy alcohol options such as low-calorie beers. If you’re more into taste, avoid the wines with red or yellow labels.

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