Two Dads

Wilson posted an argumentative colloquial on Facebook earlier. It leads to a posted note on Facebook on what should be called when to two gay fathers/mothers when they have a son/daughter.

It was easy to rebut with my futile contention as the two people involved belong in two different races, ergo, following two different languages. But what if it involves two local gay parents who recently adopted a cute baby? Regardless if they are both lesbians or gay men.

If you would ask me, the common usage of mother or father, papa or mama, mommy or daddy or any other typical father and mother names are applicable. It always depends on each others preferences, right? It may be confusing to both parents because both of their attentions are being called at the same time which I think is a very good parenting practice.

This is just a portion of a complicated family life of a gay couple. Not to mention the soco-cultural and moral impact it may bring to the young child. Nevertheless, it brings forth an openly accepted community without discrimination. I am talking about love here.

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