Caught Myself In Awe

Alex and I visited Singapore again last weekend to attend his cousin’s birthday party. It was a good time to have a rest from industrial and busy streets of Malaysia, and off we set aflew to Singapore.

While I was browsing JJ’s pictures, I caught myself in the same feeling when I was deeply in love with Carl. I guess it is because it was in the same situation that we are living in one small roof, with different scenarios, better, with Alex.

Holding Hands

Ive always kept my emotions within myself as this has been self-proven effective before people could hurt me badly. Once you got into me, I give my all ♪♫ (sings in the tune of Mariah’s).

Nevertheless, he has more than a year to finish his degree. I do not have any plans of moving anywhere for the next year or so. Perfect timing, huh?

I know that I have hurt someone when we decided on this. But it has been destined, it just happened earlier than we though.  So I guess, this is a long journey then?


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