Yahoo Messenger: foxyreign

[two_third]I could not remember the first Yahoo account I created but as far as I know, I maintained foxyreign for quite sometime.

During my college years, the time that I was so idle at night, I think I have created some Yahoo groups that became very popular in the pornography world. It was hard to maintain especially during finals week. Until there was a time that I might have overlooked one post from a member who posted some naked pictures of young children.

Then boom! My account was immediately terminated. I appealed to Yahoo, but to no avail, it was left unusable for years.

Until earlier, I tried resetting the password but it gave me a different error message. That it wasn’t existing! So I tried creating a new account and alas! I have my overly adored username again!

It might take a while for me to import the contacts from the former account, foxy_reign, but seriously, I am happy 😀

I know YM is not really used fondly a lot compared 5 years ago, before Facebook massively invaded internet social media. But it comes very handy.[/two_third]



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