4 Tips to Jumpstart Weight Loss

When doing an intense workout such as P90X or attending any group exercise class routines require intense energy. Successful weight loss comes down to how much intake in your body and how much is your output – while in the process of increasing the energy and calories you’re burning.

I have listed some 4 basic changes you can do to maximize your goals without having too much impact on your daily routine and lifestyle:

Do not drink any colored and tasted liquids.

Colored Water

Sodas contain a huge amount of sugar which your body doesn’t really need on an hourly basis. Not to mention it contains phosporic acid and carbonated water, which may induce hyperacidity.

Instead of having instant juice or a Coca-Cola or Pepsi, grab a clean and refresing water. You will be amazed how much weight you will lose if you stop drinking colored liquids.

Caloric LabelsLabels are important.

When you’re at the grocery, take some time to read the caloric content of the food you’re picking. Take consideration if it has high amount of sugar, fats and sodium. Some may be tricky because they will show a decent amount of caloric content but you would be surprised that it one pack maybe already be 2 to 4 servings. So in basic arithmetic, that is 2 or 4 times more on the label!

Look at the example at the left. A pack of this contains 2 servings. It brings 500 calories and 220 of it is solely from fat. You would want to avoid those food that have trans fat because those are very bad cholesterol.  I usually prefer looking at the % Daily Value because the nutritional content of each individual is different, percentage makes it more appropriate in doing your own calculations.

Also, do not ignore micronutrients. These are beneficial not just in your holistic nutrition, but also in transporting the macronutrients. If you can do good mental math, based the percentages from your required daily intake. Usually, these labels are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Smaller and Frequent Meals Eat smaller and frequent meals.

If you’re used into eating 3 to 4 times in a normal day, increasing the frequency to 6 to 7 a day won’t hurt much. As long as you divide the servings into 2 to 3 servings from your normal ones.

Your body needs more energy when you’re eating more frequently thus, making your metabolism faster. Besides, you would rarely feel food coma when you’re doing this.


Healthy snacks are better.

DO NOT EAT JUNK FOOD. I could not stress how much important this is. Did you know that 5 pieces of potato chips is as equal as to eating a cup of white rice? Not to mention that it takes harder to burn, because you’re not just consuming carbohydrates and additional sodium, but also, the fat from the cooking oil.

Munching on healthy nuts, fruits and fresh vegetables are more considerable than overloaded sugar of cookies and candies. Just make sure you’re eating these healthy snacks in moderation.

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