Chukie Dreyfus Back on Track

I could barely get a glimpse of my childhood memories of me watching the television. Although I know that I used to wake up before 9AM and the 14″ inch television was just inches away from me – for me to turn on and tune into ABS CBN for some animated series from Japan like Cedie, Princess Sarah or Peter Pan.

But I remember that our housemaid used to watch That’s Entertainment. And I remember that everyday, they showcase different local talents. And there was this young guy who have an unpeculiar name from the others, Chuckie Dreyfus, apart from Tina Paner or Isabel Granada. 😛

Me, appreciating people, who go forth for a better fitness outlook in life, I stumbled upon his twitter profile. And I was actually amused how he lost weight and newly shaped his fitness physique even after he gained a lot after he got married.

Chuckie DreyfusHe has his own website, which he rarely updates, I gacked one of his old pictures with his wife.

Based on his blog and Chuvaness’, he followed a strict diet and started doing weights the right way. One of these is he stopped eating pork and beef. In which, he lost a great amount of fat and he’s on his way to achieving good toned body. Whoa!

As you can see on his current twitter account, @chuckiedreyfus, he has made a great leap so far. Kudos to a healthier lifestyle! And he’s also one of the living testimonials that married men can still regain their flourishing youth.

Chukie Dreyfus

2 thoughts on “Chukie Dreyfus Back on Track

  1. Chuckie Dreyfus says:

    Hello… I saw this only now and I truly appreciate the compliment. Thank you also for posting. By the way, my blog is now updated regularly. Cheers! 🙂


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