EDSA Street Lights

I have been on hiatus for quite some time but when I saw this post, it gave me the urge to write something worthy.

EDSA Lights

Regardless if this is a genuine concern, the fact that social media is being used by these government offices, it is an utter representation of their character and reputation.

According to MMDA, metro-wide renewal of Metro Manila, including urban renewal and traffic and transport management is under the scope of MMDA. Although I could not find any searchable mandate of the Office of the President of the Philippines on DPWH‘s scope, per se, it is to provide and manage quality infrastructure facilities and services responsive to the needs of the Filipino people in the pursuit of national development objectives.

I see some overlapping and redundant jurisdiction here. But closely, you have seen great and drastic improvements of the metropolitan under Bayani Fernando, when he was overseeing MMDA.

Nevertheless, the scope and responsibility of fixing the street lights is not the real issue here, not to mention the danger it may cause to motorists and passengers who pass by along EDSA at night because it not well lit, but the fact that these separate government office do not interact with each other yet they pass the work to each other. *inserts parallelism here*

Can the public service get any better in the Philippines?

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