Henry Cavill on Immortals

11.11.11 was the first day of screening of Immortals. I failed to watch it on the first day because it was a weekday. Nevertheless, when Leah visited KL again for a layover, Alex and I, with her, went to the movies and watched Immortals.

This is a 300-like bathed men in oil and sweat as they flaunt their 6-packed abs on big screen. As I wonder, if gods always have a perfect sculpted body. The movie is nice even it has not been marketed thoroughly. Given that the plot has been followed from Theseus’ story and some twists, the action scenes were hawt!

Actually, the intention of this post is not to give review about the movie. But to post pictures of Henry Cavill, who portrays Theseus in the movie Immortals. I glanced another guy, Kellan Lutz, who portrays Poseidon. Maybe, next time.

After seeing him on this, I may start following The Tudors and of course, Superman, Man of Steel.

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