Starbucks Malaysia 2012 Planner

If I were in the Philippines, I know someone would be giving me a free Starbucks Planner by now (hehehe). But since I am here in Malaysia, so my target is just to get their own planner.

Starbucks Malaysia 2012 Planner only comes in one flavor. It is smaller than those given in the Philippines and it does not come with any additional perks like discounts and vouchers. So I guess it is not really a fad thing here.

For you to be eligible for a planner, you need to purchase a Starbucks card from here and consume 16 drinks. You may check your points online and once you reach the required points, you may go to any Starbucks store to claim your planner.

Starbucks 2012 Planner
The ballpen is a comparison of how handy and small the planner is.

It would be better if someone could also give me a Starbucks Philippines 2012 planner, you know? 🙂

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