Euro Deli Matterhorn

I once saw on Jason’s post that they went for the biggest and baddest burger in Malaysia. So ever since, I was curious how this burger looks and tastes like in person.

Vange promised that she’ll treat us because it was her daughter’s birthday last week. And so, I suggested, the Matterhorn Challenge! Considering the fact that Ron, Alex and I go to the gym regularly and looking at Vange’s built, we’d finish a burger each! Ergo, we went!

We decided to order just one. Why? Because the net weight of the whole burger including all the condiments, garnish, breads and patty is a whopping 2.7 kilogams! The burger takes more than an hour of cooking, well, obviously that the whole more-than-an-inch pork patty needs to be baked. So, a few German sausage is enough to fill in our starving stomachs.

German Sausages


After more than an hour of waiting and voila! Even the guests beside our tables were taking pictures of the burger! There’s no way that a man could finish and win the Matterhorn challenge. Oh well, someone did before. If you are interested to join the contest, just sign the waiver and eat the whole thing in 45 minutes! You’ll get your burger for free, 100 RM prize, a picture on their Hall of Fame and additional points on your Gluttony sin.

Euro Deli Matterhorn


As expected, we were not able to finish the whole burger. We only consumed 3/4 of it!


Slice it!

The patty is ok. Well done. The bacon was awesome! And the rest comes in grandeur size but seeing and tasting this burger is more than fulfilling enough.

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