Linsanity Morals from Jeremy Lin


Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Shu-How Lin, a few of those Asian Americans from Harvard is now playing in the NBA. Apart from his race and his phenomenal achievements for the New York Knicks against LA Lakers which gave the team a 4 straight win, what makes him special?

People struggle to achieve their dreams and goals. Jeremy conquered these and now, he’s at his peak, yet. Applying what he has learned in life can be beneficial to you, too.

1. Never stop believing in yourself.
As mentioned, he is those of few, who entered NBA despite of his race and where he graduated from.

2. Grab the opportunity while it is still hot.
Popular players from Knicks could not play because they were injured. Also, Baron Davis was gone and some of the guards were, too so they had to start from Lin. Great opportunities do not come often, so when you see it, grab it like a boss!

3. Go back to your roots, be family-oriented.
Everyone else may turn their backs on you, but not your family.

4. Do not be a copycat, be original, be yourself.
You do not want to be tagged as a shadow of someone else’s. Famous people are known because of their unique character. Most people who imitate do not reach the premier.

5. Work harder.
When everything has been served, support, opportunity, luck and the motivation, do not lose the momentum. Keep on going and go forth. Also, stay humble.

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