Macro on Reverse Ring

I remember when I was still waiting for employment to Malaysia, I paid a visit to a nearby butterfly sanctuary in SSS Village, Marikina City. It was when MCF’s administration that built the House of Butterflies. For visitors, you have to pay 10 pesos, I think, for you to visit the place. It is a small decent garden with a lot of floral plants.

Yellow Flower



Way Up

Orange and White Flower


And so, I tried this reverse ring that can take macro shots even without a macro lens! You just have to deal with manual focusing. I prefer using a prime lens, in my case, a Nikkor 50mm 1.8f , because it still has aperture blades that you can select so you still can control the light passing through the reversed lens and bokeh.

Dried leaf




Flower and Ant

Point Out

These images were taken and saved on JPEG. I could have have been more flexible in adjusting during post-process if I knew how to work on with RAW images. Nonetheless, I am satisfied with the results.

Orange Flower


Black and white butterfly on a leaf




Some of these shots were printed on 8R and I was astonished how vibrant the colors are! They the softness is too much since I have opened the aperture a bit wider than the usual since I have to adjust manually, if only I have the macro lens, it could have been a lot better!

Orange and white flower



Coming Out

Orange and White Flower

Peeking Out

So if you do not have the budget yet for a macro lens, this is worth trying! This will test your patience, creativity and composition skills.





Brown Fungus


I am just dumping whatever image I think would be decent enough to be posted here. LOL

Rec Flowers


Brown Butterfly



Merry Christmas

So which are your favorites?



Orange Flower and Butterfly

Looking Straight

Caterpillar on a leaf


14 thoughts on “Macro on Reverse Ring

  1. Myk Malag says:

    the reverse ring is really one cheap unit you can use with your 50mm or kit lens to take macro shots. The only downside is the manual focusing (especially when you are used to AF lenses). Your photos are decent enough but I would still prefer to take shots in RAW for I will have more control over it on post processing specifically on the white balance.


  2. this is a great article, thanks to your post I remembered I have to buy this reverse ring for my DSLR too. It is so cheap that anyone can buy and enjoy a million macro photos they desired. Great shots by the way. My next visit to SN North would be to buy this reverse ring.


  3. Marri Bermudez says:

    I never thought these photos may still have to be redone despite the excellent captures. For me, they are all great shots though. I am no master in photography but this collection can be perfect for an exhibit.


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