Batu Caves on UWA

It was last Saturday that one of my fulfilling goals this year to acquire a new Tokina 11-16 2.8f happened. I went to Digital Mall with Sheena to purchase the lens. I got a pretty hefty discount from all of the upsells that were pitched by the salesman. Anyway, it has been almost two years since I got new accessories for my camera.

I have never imagined riding the KTM Komuter because of the horrible experience the last time I rode the train. I was very surprised that it was a smooth ride, though I rode from Subang Jaya all the way to Batu Caves station. It was like a horror ride when you start your journey from KL Sentral.

With the slim UV lens and with the CPL filter attached, I started shooting the scenery without the tripod using mid-closed f stops and fast shutter speeds as the sun was shining so bright that day. I couldn’t get the perfect angle and maximize the effect of the CPL because the sun was always shining directly above my head and vignetting was an issue especially when using the farthest focal length, 11 mm, even on DX with a crop fact or 1.5 – which converts to 16 mm on full frame size. It was only around 5PM that I finally had the chance to take a good shot with the CPL effect on the final shot.

Below are my post-processed shots. Next time, I will deal with the sun with some GND filters.

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