Hanged by Crucifix

Happy Easter everyone! Although this post is technically made on a Monday morning GMT+8, I still follow North America hours so it still does count.

Anyway, I found some interesting shots swirling around. And I am pretty sure that this will make a turmoil to all those Christians especially the most conservative ones. Again, it will be interesting to get your feedback on this as these things do not matter after I believe in no religion.

Hanged by Crucifix

Hanged by Crucifix

On The Crucifix

Hang Me Crucifix

Hang Me Crucifix

It is the holiest days of a Christian when Christ has risen from the dead on Easter Sunday. Several tourist spots will show up as Filipinos practice Christian sacrament of penance particularly in the provinces where they will hoist a crucifix when people stage a replica of what happened when Christ sacrificed his life.

This, somehow, does not stop others from making blasphemous acts by taking pictures on the cross. Everyone has made their decision which one is to believe. But I would say, respect comes first when dealing with such sensitive issues.

So what do you think?

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