Please Don't Ask Me

Behringer C1U and Samson Pop Filter

Behringer C1U and Samson Pop Filter

At last! After a few years of dreaming of having this, I finally made a decision of buying the Behringer C-1U USB condenser microphone and the Samson Pop filter. The image here is taken from Amazon so I am just missing one piece, the mic swivel stand. So, when I tested it earlier, I was holding the microphone using my hand.

The sound quality is very good! I had to remove the 60 hz hum and put a very minimal studio reverb. This is the first time that I am not phasing nor putting any vocal enhancements on the covers because the quality of the sound it produced is so acoustic and awesome, you feel like you’re recording in a studio!

Anyway, while I was waiting for my laundry to be done, I was looking for some old minus one on my tracklist and I saw this Martin Nievera’s rendition of Please Don’t Ask Me. I have always been singing ballad songs but never I could have imagined that this would be so mellow that it would challenge my artificial voice on upper chest tone and falsetto.

Maybe this weekend, I will record a video with it, not just a plain black background with lyrics running through the screen.


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