Xlim Tummy of Total Image from Digi

A few days ago, I received a call from one of the couriers asking my what would be the most convenient day and time to deliver a package from Digi. I do not recall any orders from them, except I was still waiting for the microphone from Brio Studio that time, but NOT from Digi Telecommunications. Ando so, I set it to be delivered on Friday or Saturday late afternoon.

A few moments ago, the delivery guy came in. I was very skeptical to see what was inside the plastic because, again, from what I mentioned, I never ordered anything from Digi. If it was a new mobile phone, THANK GOD… but it was not!

Xlim Tummy from Digi

Hahaha. Maybe the universe knows that I am trying to lose weight. Yes, these are slimming capsules to relieve constipation and to reduce body weight. I have not read any reviews regarding this but maybe the reason they sent me 120 capsules of these is to make a review out of it.

Seriously, I could not remember that I ordered these, signed up for a free pack nor paid for slimming capsules. Besides, at the moment, I am finishing the Animal Cuts I bought which actually works very well!

When you google it, according to the Digi site, they currently have a promotion that they are providing 15% discount off when you buy the Xlim Tummy value pack at any Caring Pharmacy stores all over Malaysia!

Terms & Conditions:
• Only available at Caring Pharmacy outlets in Malaysia.
• Please call to make prior reservations.
• Offer not valid with other on-going offers, discounts or promotions.
• Please present your DiGi Mobile to enjoy the promotion.

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