Bangla Road

A Night on Bangla Road

This is an overdue post. I know… it’s been like crazy after coming back from Phuket. Maybe soon, I will soon the pictures that I snapped from almost-a-week of stay there.

Anyway, this post is not really to reflect what I have learned and reflected during my stay but to show how active the nightlife is. I think these videos were taken on Saturday for Paradise Complex and Tuesday nights at Bangla. Besides, the nightlife there never seems to stop!

From the short pavements of Paradise Complex, street magicians, couples making out on the street, drinking San Miguel manufactured in Thailand, beautiful lady boys for 100 baht a shot and the stripper kathoeys along the Bangla Road – where I stayed all week! I could have taken videos of the pingpong show but I want to be in one piece when I return to Malaysia. LOL

I apologize for the poor quality, especially the audio because my camera was too bulky to bring and I was just using my mobile phone to, at least, have less than 15 minutes of compilation of my experience in Patong Beach during night time.

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A 2-Week Preparation for My First Marathon

It has been a while since I last updated my blog. I have been away in two beaches in a month and recently, I have been very busy with photo retouching landscapes from those vacations and of course, I changed my exercise routine because of the upcoming Fun Run by Standard Chartered.

Sad because I missed the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. I was supposed to get a free registration from a gym friend who works there. But since there were a lot of registrants, they closed it almost two months before the scheduled date. Good thing that another shorter marathon is set to be held at Putrajaya this Saturday. And yes! I am going!

Supposedly, I should be training for 4-6 weeks for this because this will be my first time joining a running marathon. I have never been active in my adolescent years except when I used to play child street games when I was younger. I thought my endurance from the months and attending Group X classes at the gym – but I was wrong!

The first time I tried running 5 kilometers on a 0% gradient on the treadmill, I finished it in 35 minutes with two instances of 1-minute rests. The next three days, my Achilles tendons and Soleus were sore all those times. I tried running 6 kilometers after the soreness subsided – finished in 35 minutes and it still hit me with DOMS that I had to recoup for a few days.

Today, I tried running outdoors. I signed up for a free GPS tracking system using my phone and I think it is worth downloading for. With RunKeeper, I do not need to buy a computer training device that will track my distance, speed, pace and such, whenever I run outdoors but I still need to buy a separate band to measure my heart rate. This time, I’ll get Polar so I can still use it at the gym for cross-training. By the way, the GPS works well on a sunny day with thin clouds above, but the calorie burned counter sucks. 😛

I was astounded when I saw the terrain I was running. Haha. The first 4-km was hard because the streets within the neighborhood is about 5% gradient and I only had cereals, honeydew and milk for breakfast! The second 3-km to the gym was a breeze.


First Outdoor Run

This was my first outdoor run, ever! As you can see, I had a good pace at the beginning, but I was not really expecting the the roads are very steep, and to my instinct, I tried maintaining my speed, at the end, I had to pause for a bit. Hahaha


Second Outdoor Run

This was a breeze because I was running on an almost flat road. Although I had some troubles continuing faster because the road pavements were not straight. Safety first.

I got the chance to refresh myself at Fitness First Damansara Uptown even without my membership ID. With all that jazz, a Holland Artist who has been doing research on Melacca history approached me and gave me his name card. And guess what,  he thought I was Thai – thanks to the tanline, it is working so well LOL.

I think, Ill be doing this very often. I didn’t know that outdoor workout could be so much fun! If you want to be part of my street team, join me!