A 2-Week Preparation for My First Marathon

It has been a while since I last updated my blog. I have been away in two beaches in a month and recently, I have been very busy with photo retouching landscapes from those vacations and of course, I changed my exercise routine because of the upcoming Fun Run by Standard Chartered.

Sad because I missed the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. I was supposed to get a free registration from a gym friend who works there. But since there were a lot of registrants, they closed it almost two months before the scheduled date. Good thing that another shorter marathon is set to be held at Putrajaya this Saturday. And yes! I am going!

Supposedly, I should be training for 4-6 weeks for this because this will be my first time joining a running marathon. I have never been active in my adolescent years except when I used to play child street games when I was younger. I thought my endurance from the months and attending Group X classes at the gym – but I was wrong!

The first time I tried running 5 kilometers on a 0% gradient on the treadmill, I finished it in 35 minutes with two instances of 1-minute rests. The next three days, my Achilles tendons and Soleus were sore all those times. I tried running 6 kilometers after the soreness subsided – finished in 35 minutes and it still hit me with DOMS that I had to recoup for a few days.

Today, I tried running outdoors. I signed up for a free GPS tracking system using my phone and I think it is worth downloading for. With RunKeeper, I do not need to buy a computer training device that will track my distance, speed, pace and such, whenever I run outdoors but I still need to buy a separate band to measure my heart rate. This time, I’ll get Polar so I can still use it at the gym for cross-training. By the way, the GPS works well on a sunny day with thin clouds above, but the calorie burned counter sucks. 😛

I was astounded when I saw the terrain I was running. Haha. The first 4-km was hard because the streets within the neighborhood is about 5% gradient and I only had cereals, honeydew and milk for breakfast! The second 3-km to the gym was a breeze.


First Outdoor Run

This was my first outdoor run, ever! As you can see, I had a good pace at the beginning, but I was not really expecting the the roads are very steep, and to my instinct, I tried maintaining my speed, at the end, I had to pause for a bit. Hahaha


Second Outdoor Run

This was a breeze because I was running on an almost flat road. Although I had some troubles continuing faster because the road pavements were not straight. Safety first.

I got the chance to refresh myself at Fitness First Damansara Uptown even without my membership ID. With all that jazz, a Holland Artist who has been doing research on Melacca history approached me and gave me his name card. And guess what,  he thought I was Thai – thanks to the tanline, it is working so well LOL.

I think, Ill be doing this very often. I didn’t know that outdoor workout could be so much fun! If you want to be part of my street team, join me! http://runkeeper.com/user/foxyreign/

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