A Night on Bangla Road

This is an overdue post. I know… it’s been like crazy after coming back from Phuket. Maybe soon, I will soon the pictures that I snapped from almost-a-week of stay there.

Anyway, this post is not really to reflect what I have learned and reflected during my stay but to show how active the nightlife is. I think these videos were taken on Saturday for Paradise Complex and Tuesday nights at Bangla. Besides, the nightlife there never seems to stop!

From the short pavements of Paradise Complex, street magicians, couples making out on the street, drinking San Miguel manufactured in Thailand, beautiful lady boys for 100 baht a shot and the stripper kathoeys along the Bangla Road – where I stayed all week! I could have taken videos of the pingpong show but I want to be in one piece when I return to Malaysia. LOL

I apologize for the poor quality, especially the audio because my camera was too bulky to bring and I was just using my mobile phone to, at least, have less than 15 minutes of compilation of my experience in Patong Beach during night time.

One thought on “A Night on Bangla Road

  1. Brilliant concept! Bangla night road always remain silent. i most like this similar environment. one day i was out from in my house. two friends was with me. we were walked long time and enjoyed the night bangla road.


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