Standard Chartered 8 KM Fun Run

Beating your own time is priceless! Yesterday was my first ever running marathon. It was organized by Standard Chartered primarily for their employees and they opened it to the public.

Before the Run with Ron

With two weeks of training, after my last time on the treadmill finishing 53 minutes on a 0% gradient, I finished the 8km in 49 minutes! Not to mention that the sun was already shining by the time the gun started and the roads were somewhat not flat.

Heart Rate

With my age, My maximum heart rate theoretically is 193 – let us bump that to 195. According to my heart rate monitor, I reached my maximum. Haha. I think this was the time when I was maintaining my pace at less than 5’50” and the track is going up. I shall blame my playlist! I have set my training zone from 125 to 185 and within the 49 minutes of run, I was on the safe zone for 5 minutes only. The rest, I was overtraining my heart!

Well, given that I have a heart condition and my valves do not close well when the contract, with all the years I have been doing Group X classes, I think this has helped me survived the run even my heart rate was above the limit already.

Standard Chartered Fun Run 8KM

See!!! That is more than 8 kilometers! My next target is to maintain my pace. I was brisk walking for sometime when I saw my heart rate stepped at 190 bpm. I was maintaining 185 bpm and this I think, is very crucial because it helped me sustain the road without pausing sporadically.

On a lighter note, this is very uplifiting. Achieving your goal is a mini-self fulfillment. 😀

Next marathon, I have to drag Ron to do more than 8km 😀

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