Night Pinkdot 2012

Last weekend, Jay, Ron, Vange and I rode a bus to Singapore for a short weekend vacation. This is also their first time joining the annual gay pride event in Singapore. OK, it is not considered a gay pride but more of an awareness that there shall be no social stigma against gay people and that we are given the same equal rights to love each other without prejudice and discrimination.

Pinkdot 2012

Looking Above

We spent the weekend with their newly found friends, JJ and Ryan. With all of these men and women, families, pets and loved ones in pink, love, concerts, pink freebies, gay humor – our weekend was a blast! Much to our awe, this year, it was held at night. For the past few years that they have been holding this awareness, they have been doing it in the afternoon where people would spend their support with LGBTs having a quick picnic at Hong Lim Park.

Pinkdot 2012

Countdown To Pinkdot

I could have taken more picture of the event but the experience of being there the second time is just too much to imprint as a limestone in my diaries. Besides, I was there to support, not as an an event coordinator 😀

Also, watch Pinkdot’s 2012 flagship video.

Here are some fun photos with friends. Spread ♥

Oh by the way, we spent the weekend on a cheap yet very modern/minimalistic hostel with friendly staff at Bunc Hostel. You may want to consider this if you find yourself in Singapore. Like them on Facebook –

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