Bukit Tabur West

Hello all! It has been a while – like ages! I apologize for not updating because I have been very going out almost every weekend and work is as stressful as ever, it is even worse! I have like a backlog of posts since I came back from Phuket, Thailand last April up to my few recent trips – beaches, hikes, theme parks and all that jazz!

Anyway, I would like to start off with something I never thought I would do in my life.

When, I was younger, I was a home kid because I did not want sticky-sweat-under-the-sun feeling and I blame this attitude for having a slower metabolism. Up to now, I am trying to have a faster metabolism for better physique. Until Bryan invited me to hike to Bukit Tabur, in which, I think, I would be able to do because I have been doing outdoors recently.

We started around 5:20 AM. It was so dark and we were the first hikers to arrive at the foot of the hill. As a good practice, all hikers must register themselves at the nearby police station, so in case something bad happens, they are notified and yet, we did not. Although there was an ample mobile data signal even at the top of the hill, so it should not be a problem.

Bukit Tabur

Celfone Light

I did not have any torch so I used my handy mobile phone which I use for my roaming number. I was astounded with the amount of light it can project despite its size.

Bukit Tabur

Runkeeper at Bukit Tabur

By the time we reached one of the peaks, I turned off my tracker because I thought it was already the end of the trail. I was so wrong! We just stopped by because it was the perfect spot to take picture of the skyline and we were a bit early for the sunrise. At least, it was my first time to take sunrise/twilight landscape shot.

Bukit Tabur

Bukit Tabur Panorama

To my surprise, half of the view is the Kuala Lumpur city and at the left of the picture is the other side of KL – the dam or the lake. It was plain superb! This is one of the reason I have been going outdoors to take landscape photos as Mother Nature never fails to amaze me of its beauty.

Bukit Tabur

Bukit Tabur Lake

By the time the sun rose up, it was the perfect time to take HDR shots and I was not disappointed.

Bukit Tabur

10th Peak at Bukit Tabur

And yes! I have conquered Bukit Tabur West! Next time, I will find time to hike up to Bukit Tabur East.

Bukit Tabur


Descending and ascending the rocks was not that hard except for one of those where I almost fell because I was holding on to the metal bar affixed to the wall. I was having a hard time finding another slot to put hold my hand onto and my lens was hitting the wall rock.

Bukit Tabur

Climbing Up

It actually made a small scratch on the UV lens. Glad that it did not make any terrible marks on the photos – hopefully! It was then, I realized after a minute holding onto the rail that I needed to hold towards my left.

Bukit Tabur

Which way?

Next time, I will bring a bigger backpack. And guess what? After that experience, we chose the harder path. Haha! Where the bees reside!

Bukit Tabur

We Conquered Bukit Tabur

We made some good friends at the top of the hill. Another good place to socialize not just in bars or malls 😀

Bukit Tabur

Peak Overview

Bukit Tabur

Rock Climbing

While looking for a good spot, you can clearly see how picturesque the view is!

On our way down the hill, we chose the orchard path. We could have gone back to the rocks but I was so tired because I did not have not enough sleep due to my work schedule.

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