Ecoteer at Perhentian Islands

Last weekend, JJ and I went for a short over-the-weekend vacation to Perhentian Islands. We have planned this months ago although, I could have overlooked the chalets and hotel bookings not knowing that it would be full because we were set after Singapore Day.

Until I found Ecoteer. The price is a bit higher with the amenities included but it was worth it. Why? There would be a point in your life that self-fulfillment will not be based on material things but rather, when you see the essence of helping people without asking anything in return.

Ecoteer Club

We arrived on Friday morning and they were already conducting the Ecoteer Club. Teaching the Malay children on how to conserve the environment and learn the English language is one of the itineraries.

The Children of Fisherman’s Village

Training and adult learning have always been my passion and as a matter of fact, for the rest of my career in Customer Service and Information Technology, these have never been out of my league.

Playing While Learning

Who would know that teaching the younger ones would actually bring a greater feeling and sense of fulfillment when you see them smile and converse you with the knowledge you have passed on to them?

Painting Houses

I could have brought my camera while we are working but I was worried that it may be dropped or spilled with paint. Yes, we were painting houses! The program also helps the villagers not just with environment conservation, but also to have a more comfortable basic lifestyle.

Ivy, I grabbed your photo on Facebook. It looks fun you guys doing the painting compared to us. Haha

Perhentian Besar on HDR

Also, a few days before the trip, I was thinking of buying a waterproof casing for my SLR. Perhentian Islands are known for its rich aquatic marine ecosystem in which, again, I have failed to record because I thought that the casing was too expensive for me to consider. Not to worry because I am pretty much sure that I will return and do more volunteer work.

Perhentian Kecil Contre Jour Sunset

We could have stayed longer but time does not permit since both of us needed to return to  work. If I would be given a chance to stay longer so I can help further with all the ample sources I have, I’d do it!

A list of activities have been set because usually the program runs for a week – from teaching the children, having a typical Malay dinner with the locals wearing sarong, composting, research, environmental specifically coral reef and turtle conservation and a lot of stuff that you would rarely experience on your typical vacation. So why not make your vacation worthwhile?

Know more about their program on Ecoteer Malaysia.

33 thoughts on “Ecoteer at Perhentian Islands

  1. Daniel Quilter says:

    Foxy, many thanks for taking the time to write this fantastic blog article. Many many thanks and you both always have a home in Perhentian 🙂


  2. Myk Malag says:

    Helping out without expecting something in return will always be a blessing. Continue on helping and you will be gifted back a hundred fold…


  3. Mai Flores says:

    Hello Adrian! Even before finishing your post, I was already too engaged with the thought of visiting and volunteering as well. I've never been to Malaysia but this could be a good first time.. I'm heading now to check Ecoteer.. 🙂 Are you based in Malaysia? 🙂


    • Hello Mai. Yes I am. They have a one week program. You might need to check the dates because October to March, I believe, is the monsoon season for Eastern coast of Malaysia.

      But seriously, their beaches are divine!


  4. Marri Bermudez says:

    Those activities truly enrich your knowledge and awareness about other culture and their way of life. Through constant association with them, you will feel that people may differ in color or race but we have something in common… SMILE in our face that means HAPPINESS.


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