Project: 'Bitch' Body

When was the last time I posted a picture of me in front of the mirror? April maybe, when I was in Thailand? I mean, I didn’t have the habit of doing months before especially before February because I was so fat.

Ok fine, not really fat when you compare it on how the dictionaries defined the word. But it is unacceptable for someone who has been going to the gym for years and been doing yoyo routines because I lack in self-discipline especially when it comes to healthy food intake.

After I realized I was at 24% of body fat way back January this year, it was that waking moment that I have to do something very serious so I can achieve my goals. Currently, I am targeting a 15% BF and I am really hoping I could do this before my deadline.

I will not blame my genes because no matter how I blame my parents or my race, I will never have a chance to change it. I shall blame my sedentary lifestyle when I was younger. If I had been more active, I wouldn’t have hard time burning the visceral fat.

February was when I started to take things seriously, not just fad diet and workout, but the real thing! There will be times that I would slip from the strict 60-20-20 protein-carbs-fats ratio and less than 8-hour training per week, but I have been coping well. I will not deny that thermogenics have been keeping me awake all these months to sustain the energy that I need since I have been depriving myself with readily available energy from sugar and simple carbohydrates.

Feb and Aug 2012

Feb and Aug 2012

Pardon for the nudity. This is the most decent I could find. Haha. I rarely post pictures whenever I am super fat. SERIOUSLY! It is embarrassing!

To date, I am having issues maintaining or increasing my fat free mass. This is the impair side effects of doing too much cardio workout to lose the unwanted fats. So balance, really, is the key! But how? OMG! This is very frustrating. Along with the fat, on the other hand, I have to raise the FFM stats.

This is my 6-month mileston. Hopefully after 6 months, I can proudly show that I have reached my goal. Wish me luck!

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