What Happened to LGBT Rights Bill in the Philippines?

Just awhile ago, I posted about a House Bill passed in Congress and Senate regarding the Cybercrime bill in the Philippines. And now, after three hours of sleep, I shall write another politically-driven post.

LGBT Philippines

LGBT Philippines

This pertains to the LGBT Rights Bill. To date, two bills are both in reading by the two houses:

The Anti-Racial, Ethnic and Religious Discrimination Act of 2011 by the Lower House; and
The Anti-Ethnic, Racial Profiling and Discrimination Act of 2011 by the Senate.

Both of these bills do not include the sexual orientation and gender identification (SOGI) provisions in which Cong. Teddy Casiño, Bayan Muna representative, authored Anti-Discrimination Act of 2010.

United Nations Human Rights Council released a Landmark Report and Panel on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity last March 7, 2012. It was mentioned that human rights are equal. “Therefore,  that means, that everyone, gay, lesbian, transgender and heterosexuals, is entitled to the full range of all human rights, including the rights to life, to be free from arbitrary detention, to security of person and protection from torture”.

It is just a disappointment that the two houses are pushing the two former bills without including the equal rights to LGBT community. How can it be fair and just if another minority is not protected against these abuses?

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