Firmoo Glasses

It is very rare that you would find an online store that offers prescription glasses and fashionable shades for a low cost.


Firmoo Full Frame Shades

Firmoo contacted me recently to try one of their glasses. I was skeptical at first because I rarely accept such offers since I wanted to keep my blog as personal as possible. And yet, when I looked at their product line, they are promising! Until the shades were delivered to me!

Firmoo Glasses

Firmoo Glasses

I was not really expecting that it would come so fast – roughly around 3 working days after they confirmed that they shipped it. It comes with a nice hard case, a non-lint cloth, some spare screws and microscrewdriver and a black velvet pouch to keep your shades handy and protected while inside your bag.

Although I have a perfect 20/20 vision, this does not mean that the shades or other prescription glasses they offer would not fit you. What I really like about the website is that you can actually preview what the glasses/shades would look like on your face. Just upload a mugshot, set some key points on your face and choose your preferred design. This is just one of the reasons I like online shopping.

Last weekend, after my usual Sunday gym routine, I made use of the bright daylight to take some narcissistic shots using my camera. It could have been better if I used a more controllable light with a decent white background. You would notice that my shoes, clothes and an eyesore of orange plastic bag is hanging by the door.

Anyway,  this is just to show off my tan and my progress so far. And yes, you are right! Although the shades I picked is primarily designed for women, it seems it could fit well for a unisex face; or maybe my facial features are soft enough to fit into the full frame shades.

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