World Suicide Prevention Day

It was a few minutes past 6 in the morning of Thursday, 31st of May, that a bunch of people working at Paypal and CSC, including us, Ron, Vange and I, were inside the lift going down to the ground floor. We usually take the CSC bus going home because it is convenient as it passes through the LDP highway where Vange lives and stops at Kelana Jaya where Ron and I can take the train to home.

After a few meters walking away from the small No Parking sign standing by the centre of the roundabout concrete pavements of the lobby, a deafening sound was heard – there were shattered glass everywhere! I looked back trying to identify if it was a black plastic bag that fell from the top floor because it was still dark. A few blinks of my eyes and I suddenly felt the shivering goosebumps from the back of my nape realizing it was a distorted figure of a human on the floor.

People have reasons why would they want to end their life in a miserable act. These are people who have no other means of escaping from their problems in which they felt helpless and nowhere to turn to. Death has never been a good event for me. I guess this has something to do with change, wherein, humans, will always have hard time coping to any major change – including death of a loved one.

World Suicide Prevention Day

This coming 10th of September, let us take a moment at 8 PM, to light a candle near your window as an awareness of World Suicide Prevention Day.

Araw ng Pandaigdigan Paghadlang sa Pagpapatiwakal

On how we can help these people who are at high risk of committing suicide and offering them your ears and instilling hope. Let us find ways how we can prevent such tragic events without losing a life.

Find them on Facebook. Maybe you can help.

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