Fitness First Hardcore

This quarter, Fitness First Asia released a new exercise program that targets your core muscles within 30 minutes – Hardcore. I was intrigued when I first saw the class in motion while I was outside the GX studio and so I had to try it.

Fitness First Hardcore

Fitness First Hardcore

The first 7 minutes of the class includes 2 groups of 4 sets of cardio and plyometrics. 4 minutes separated by a 60-second activity of each movement. Then, after a 30-second break, the 2nd group of exercise kicks in. This will raise your heart rate almost near to 90% of your VO2 Max or your maximum heart rate. Spiking up the heart rate in less than 2 minutes and maintaining your 90% will definitely keep your core temperature prepared for the next phase.

Another 2 groups of 4 sets of abdominal workout are introduced on the latter phase. This may include burpees, planks or crunches. I find myself sweating more on this phase because I have a very weak core and have been training on cardiovascular exercises for years already.

In a span of two weeks of doing the program of at least 2-3x a week, this helped me lower down my body fat percentage by 1%! I would consider this a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) as the specification of raising the heart rate near to the max then performing anaerobic exercises would perfectly for HIIT.

OK fine, I am very technical here. Let us just consider this as a very effective circuit training that targets your core zone.

Make sure you check out the timetable so you can experience the pain and joy of Hardcore! Surely, you will not be disappointed on the result it will bring. Seriously, I am looking forward for more sessions of doing this.

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