Almost Mugged: A Risky Warmup

A few minutes ago, I almost got mugged. Yes, you read it right, while I was on my way to the gym.

I usually go to Fitness First The Curve on Tuesday mornings to attend TRX Circuit GX class. Typically, I leave 1 First Avenue around 6:15 in the morning because it is still very dark. Earlier, I decided to walk alone around 6:05 AM

Supposedly, I wanted to go back home and sleep because my calves are still sore from running but due to massive intake of nuts earlier, I pushed myself to be active today. Besides, this is my usual Tuesday routine.

A few meters, two to three hundred maybe, before 1 Utama Old Wing Bus terminal, a motorcycle stopped by with two riders on it. I get questions from locals during those times when they ask for directions. And so I was not alerted though I know that mugging has been very rampant recently especially near Pelangi Utama area.

When I realized that the guy who alighted from the bike did not have plans of doing anything good, I immediately formed a fighting stance, ready to risk of getting hurt. I was still confident that time, despite I was carrying a big gym hand bag and a plastic of grocery bag with instant oats and skimmed milk inside. I know that I could beat the hell out of him since the other guy stayed on his bike ready to drift off if they successfully get my things from me. Also, the guy who approached me was smaller in built and height. I am so ready to do a hand combat.

“WHAT?!”, I shouted.

Until a new bike stopped counterflowing the lane. I will not forget that fat dark-skinned man driving the other bike – he seems like Indian, no racism intended. The other rider is thin, actually the three muggers are, definitely not Malays nor Chinese.

With much caffeine running through my veins, I swiftly ran towards the bus terminal with an overdose of adrenaline inside me. I heard them revving their bikes and drove afar.

I quickly walked towards my usual path thanking all the odds, the Guy above, my guardian angel and my training – for it has helped me build this physique and conditioned a swift run even though my soleus muscles are still in mild pain.

But then, I saw two motorbikes parked near the tunnel juxtaposed to Ikea. IT WAS THEM! They were all now wearing their helmets – full helmets; trying their best to hide their faces from me. I stood a few feet afar and I spent a minute staring at their faces. I am very sure that it was them because I positively identified the fat Indian guy in full beard. The bike of the riders who first approached me was mildly damaged. I guess it scared them off and the driver lost his balance while I was running away. Besides, there was a nearby golf range nearby where I can ask for immediate help.

Lesson learned: I will still walk towards the same path, but I will follow the later time. Why? Because students walk the same road which is in front of the golf area is a school. Also, around 6:30 AM, the park before the golf course area starts to get brighter as the sun rises around that time.

Good thing Vange did not come with me. Or else… I will end up bruised, with no bag or I could have beaten out of them; and Vange, screaming her lungs out for help.

I wish them no harm as I believe in karma- good and bad.

I have to go. I am late for the TRX class. Be safe everyone!

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