Quick Stress Relief Techniques

Every body is a victim of stress; at the same time every body has to tackle his or her stress issues, in order to reduce the effect of stress on the mind and body.  So, how to get relief from stress? It is an art to be mastered.  One of the first and foremost steps while seeking relief from stress is to identify the cause.  One of the first physical manifestations of stress is irregular breath.  This would generally be accompanied with tightening of muscles and at the end of it all you feel drained off all your energy.  This is when you need to push the panic button.  Identify the cause for your stress and also study how your body reacts to it.  This will help you better to solve the problem.

There are a number of ways to stress relief.   The simplest and most effective one is Yoga and meditation.  It does not need to necessarily include difficult postures or any religious activities.  It just requires you to listen to your body and focus your thoughts in one direction.  Throw away unwanted thoughts that disturb you.  It just requires a few minutes of your time to rejuvenate your mind.  Another way of relaxing your mind and body is to follow your senses.  Use your sense organs of sight, sound, taste, smell and touch to help you overcome stress.  It really works wonders.  How does this help?  When you are stressed you can choose one of your senses to give you the much-needed distraction from the troubling thoughts.  You could just look at the flowers on the table, or just gaze at a picture on the wall.  If you feel sound can help you, choose from listening to music of your choice or just focus on the different sounds around you.  The same effect is with smell as well.  Light a scented candle or just smell the outside air to change your mood.  Holding an object close to your heart or even eating something that’s a favorite will help.  These are simple ways of focusing away from the disturbing thoughts and focusing on positive things that bring joy to your mind.  Playing a sport, or just strolling in the park will help.

Take out precious few minutes out of your time for your own self.  Switch off your phone and shut down your computer during these few minutes, to give your mind and body the much-needed rest.  The outcome of these simple techniques is for all to see.  It really works wonders.

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